The Samsung SHSP717 has a most convenient way to open doors; do not turn, just push or pull. No turning of levers or knobs. It does not get any easier than this. With the equipped IR sensor, the lock automatically wakes up once it detects you. By consolidating both the handle and main body to form one robust structure, as well as the password and encryption protection, the door lock is made to prevent any forced external intrusion, keeping you and your loved ones safe.


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  • Push and Pull Lock. No lever
  • Entry Level Samsung Lock
  • Automatic Lock Option
  • Randomizer. Ability to turn on/off Random Code to prevent prying eyes
  • 12-24-month battery use (@10 openings per day)
  • Low battery warning when below 30%
  • If, unlikely event battery runs out, ability for a 9-volt battery for emergency opening
  • Up to 30 users with either: Pin Code 9 4- 12 digits (10 Users) , RFID Tag (20 Users)
  • 5 Backup entry keys
  • Suits door Thickness 38 – 80mm
  • 70mm Back set
  • Suits door stiles greater then 115mm
  • 2 year electronic warranty
  • 7 years mechanical warranty
  • Lifetime Support program
  • Automatic wakeup on door approach
  • Intrusion Alert mode
  • Quiet Mode for late night entries (* then user Code)
  • 6 * AA Batteries
  • 3.7kg weight

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Weight 3.7 kg