001 Touch


With the security of the 001 deadlatch combined with a stylish digital touch screen keypad this simple to use and convenient lock is a must have. Easily fitted in place of existing 001 locks the Touch allows users the ability to use a pin code or RFID Card/Fob.


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  • Touch Screen Keypad
  • 4 -12 digit pin code
  • Up to 20 key cards/Fobs with the ability to remove them one by one
  • Tested in accordance with AS4145.2-2008
  • Outdoor weather resistant keypad
  • Low power consumption (12 months battery use or 10000 openings)
  • 4 * AA batteries
  • Secure mode – Internal locking with key. Once opened externally automatically releases into open state
  • Master pin code for programming
  • User Expiry Codes from 3 -336 hours
  • Cryptic Code Function
  • Automatic Locking
  • Warning light for low battery
  • Battery Check Function
  • Emergency Battery connection via Snake eyes 9volt battery bottom of keypad
  • Door thickness from 32 to 50mm
  • Chrome Plate finish
  • 2.75kg weight

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Weight 2.75 kg