M5 Mortise Lock Lever


This lock has been designed with elegance and the convenience of the smart functions and features whilst not compromising on reliability, performance, and security. Its ease of installation and voice guided programming make it easy to program. Simply set up an administrator PIN and then simply follow the voice prompts. With more than 150 years’ experience and millions of products installed worldwide its what you would expect from a global Company such as this.


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  • Supplied with Australian style 60mm Backset MS2602 Mortise Lock(AS41415.2)
  • Comes standard with 2 proximity cards , 2 fobs , 3 keys and BLE connectivity
  • Step by step voice programming
  • Low battery alarm
  • Break in and tamper alarm
  • Passage mode if required
  • One time password
  • Password sharing
  • Unclosed door warninig
  • External emergency battery terminals
  • Digital Touch Pad
  • Up to 100 RFID Cards
  • 10 pins Codes
  • BLE Devices – 10
  • Length of Pin code 6-12 digits
  • Door Thickness 35-50mm
  • Wrong try lockout delay
  • Fire rated
  • Scramble Passcode
  • Two Colour Options- Black with Brushed Nickle Rim or Black with matt black Rim
  • 5.8kg weight

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Weight 5.8 kg