A simply and stylish lock , the Samsung DH537 has 4 Different Authentications to unlock. RF key tag and password authentication methods can be used to unlock the doorlock as well as an Orange backlit touch pad that helps you unlock the door lock at night time. Using a lever make sit very easy and convient. So, as you can see from above the electronic locks they produce have to be up there in terms of quality to achieve such success.


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  • Works : Pin Code, RFID Card , Key Over ride and Phone App
  • Lever to open
  • Randomiser. The ability to turn on and off a random security pin code to prevent prying eyes
  • 12 -24-month battery use (@10 openings per day)
  • Low Battery Warning when battery goes below 30%
  • If, in unlikely result battery runs out, ability for 9 Volt battery to open on bottom of lock
  • Have up to 100 users with either: Pin code or RFID Key Tag
  • 5 backup entry keys
  • Suits door thickness 40 – 80mm
  • Standard 70mm backets
  • Suits door stiles greater then 115mm
  • 2 years electronic warranty
  • 7 years mechanical warranty
  • Lifetime Support program
  • High Temperature Alert
  • Anti- theft mode. If turned on and door is opened from inside alarm sounds
  • Intrusion Alert mode
  • Volume Setting
  • Audit Trail
  • WiFi Function
  • Silent Mode
  • Double Authorization Mode
  • Duration Password
  • One time Password
  • Enhanced User Data Security
  • Welcome function
  • 4 * AA Batteries
  • 4.0kg weight

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