Cortex CTX 530


Lockwood Cortex is the first Australian digital lockset to be fire rated for 530 latch and Lockwood mortice variants and always has free egress from the inside. The Cortex is a commercial grade digital lockset that offers a standalone electronic access solution that can easily be integrated to existing systems. Innovative locking with durability and quality that is synonymous with the Lockwood brand, certifies Cortex as the premium choice for intelligent locking.


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  • Easy Mode or Advance Mode function.
  • Up to 40,000 operations battery life (Card).
  • Add/delete individual users with Master Code.
  • 40 Card users and 20 PIN Code users.
  • Cryptic Code function
  • Lockset includes 2 Access Cards (can add up to 40).
  • Dual Security Credential requires that two users are present to unlock the door. One user will have PIN Code and the other user will have the Card.
  • Delayed Unlocked State allows the user extra time to open the door – ideal for elderly or disabled.
  • Time & Date function allows preference for various Time & Date based features. This has full calendar support including leap year etc.
  • Visitor Code allows a PIN Code to be programmed for a certain date period.
  • One Time PIN is designed to be used once and then automatically expires.
  • Smart Battery Check function
  • Dual Card format allows compatibility of 90% of the world’s access control systems. If your existing access control uses Mifare or iClass it can be programmed into CORTEX® with no effect to your existing system.
  • Passage Mode allows the users to toggle between standard and passage mode as required.
  • Timed Passage Mode allows users to keep door unlocked or locked for certain parts of the day. Includes 60 mm latch.
  • Suits door thickness from 35-48 mm.
  • Dimensions 215 (H) x 49 (W) x 32 mm (D).
  • 3.5kg weight

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Weight 3.5 kg