McGrath MLNX5 Lock


This 5 in 1 electronic door lock represents a stylish design with loads of options for your home or business. Using the TT Lock app on your phone means you have complete control on who, when and how your lock is used. Available in Black or Silver with a variety of options for the latch, this lock is sure to impress.

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This 5 in 1 digital door lock represents a classic easy entry option for your home. A stylish door lock with a Bluetooth App, pin code, RFID card and fingerprint, manual key to provide quick and convenient access.

  • ML-NX5-B-T-60 : NX5 – Digital Lock Tubular Latch Black 60mm
  • ML-NX5-B-T-70 : NX5 Digital Lock Tubular Latch Black 70mm
  • ML-NX5-S-T-60 : NX5 Digital Lock Tubular Latch Silver 60mm
  • ML-NX5-S-T-70 : NX5 Digital Lock Tubular Latch Silver 70mm
  • ML-NX5-B-M-60 : NX5 Digital Lock Mortice Black 60mm
  • ML-NX5-S-M-60 : NX5 Digital Lock Mortice Silver 60mm
  • 5 ways of unlocking – Phone App, Pin Code, RFID Fob/Tag, Fingerprint, Manual Key
  • 304# Stainless steel
  • Colours – Black or Silver
  • Size – 65mm (W) * 255mm (L)
  • Handle size – 152.3mm
  • USB Charge for no battery power
  • 4 * AA Alkaline Batteries
  • Gateway supported
  • Working Temperature – -20 – 50 Degrees C
  • 50 RFID Fobs/Cards
  • 49 Passcodes
  • 100 Fingerprints
  • 1 Admin User
  • TT Lock App
  • Passage Mode Available
  • 50mm or 60mm mortise back set, or 50mm, 60mm or 70mm tubular latch

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Weight 2.5 kg