Welcome to Electronic Locks Australia. Our business was born from being Locksmiths for the
last 33 Years.

We have kept up with the latest innovations and designs in the Lock market.Having been professional Locksmiths and having worked throughout Australia gives us a unique and qualified view.

  We specialise in locks for apartment doors having supplied and installed several large apartment buildings with Electronic Locks

What we give you is 30+ years in the Lock market with contacts throughout Australia. So, if you purchase a lock from us we can recommend the Locksmith in your area to install. We are different from all the other Electronic Lock suppliers out there as we are qualified to give you the correct advice.We advise on what lock suits best and what would suit your needs.Many times we have visited clients to install a lock they bought on special or from the local hardware only to find it will not fit due to many reasons.

Have they been given the correct advice? Most States and Territories in Australia require Locksmiths to have the correct licences to give advice in the first place. This is to protect your Castle – your home! We are members of associations that have Code of Ethics and By laws. It’s all pretty serious stuff and so it should be.

The Master Locksmiths Association works to protect and promote locksmiths and the locksmithing industry in Australia and New Zealand.

The MLAA promotes the services of its Members towards the general public, and to the Commercial, Industrial and Government sectors.

We are a lobbyist, a promoter and an educator, working hard to ensure our trade remains successful, viable and secure. Importantly, we provide the framework in which our Members can operate successful and profitable businesses.

So whatever type of door you have contact us and we can be sure to have the correct lock to fit the first time. Locks are in our DNA.