Here at Electronic Locks Australia we are always testing and researching the latest products to come out. Currently, we have a few locks that we can give you a sneak peek at. Now these products we have, but they are still in testing mode so they may or may not make it through and onto our website at a later date. You will just have to stay tuned or follow us on Facebook to find out. This is probably the most enjoyable part of the job. We have to make sure of several things including – If they will stand up to the rigours of the Australian Market, Is the Phone app useable and readable – Easy to follow, Is it easy to install, Is the material of good quality – Water-resistant, Does the Lock have an IP Rating ( Weather resistant) Things like that.

If it passes these sorts of tests we then install it on a door and see how it works in the field. Then and only then , if we think it is a worthy product do we put it up on our website.

New EURO Cylinder lock working from Pin code , Phone app as well as RFID.

New Glass door lock with TT lock APP.

TTlock app BLE APP Smart Phone Home Office Private Locker Drawer RFID card Invisible Hidden Rfid Cabinet Lock.